My Shamanic Crafts 🤍

I really feel as though these offerings are me fulfilling a large part of what I am here to do, creatively, shamanically ....

Where it started

Ever since my first true shamanic experience I’ve been in love with the Native American style flute. That day in Peru when I heard the shaman playing in ceremony, it was as if hearing flute for the first time and since then I’ve been learning and playing flute myself, embracing it into my life journey as well as my shamanic practice.

I always wanted to make them at some stage in my future, and that time has come quicker than I thought. Alongside other crafts such as shamanic rattles, branch ocarinas and even the occasional piece of jewellery, my flute and whistle making has become my ultimate passion.

Finding your way, your place, your truth on a shamanic path is not always easy amongst such diverse influence as a western practitioner, it takes time to align with your truth but that’s what my drive has been, to find all corners and deepest most joyful version of myself and my expression so that I may share my true magic, my medicine with the world.

With my crafts, I am overwhelmingly at peace to know that creating tools for other practitioners is 100% what fills me with joy on a daily basis, and what I’m here to do. 

Connecting with Spirit & Your Inspiration

In creating my shamanic rattles and jewellery to woodland whistles and forest flutes. I journey with spirit, immersing myself deeper and deeper with this land, our native trees and surviving forests as well as the rich treasure trove of our beaches and oceans. Every step I’m listening and navigating whilst bringing to life sacred tools for ceremony that have their own spirit.

I’m very proud of what is being realised here, this is a very dear part of my life as a shamanic practitioner and means everything to me. I adore my creations and find it tricky to let them go to new homes at times (laugh) but they are to be passed on, appreciated and shared in ceremony and healing. Every part of this process is a joy.

Your inspiration I’d be delighted to hear your inspirations and what spirits you’d like me to work with. I have honoured Yew, sometimes with crystals, Pine, Oak and acorns, I have made ocean rattles from sea glass and driftwood and more recently I made myself one to honour my guides and bring their presence into ceremony in a stronger way. If you’d like to discuss any of this or are inspired by any of my social media posts, we could have a chat or exchange further messages.

My Process

Each rattle or flute/whistle/Ocarina is lovingly created with spirit, both the tree and the emerging spirit of the rattle or flute as well as with my guides. 

Each phase is carefully considered and a calling heard to progress with each process. I have tried to make them from start to finish but it does not flow the same therefore the 18/24/48 or more working hours I’m evolving a rattle, whistle or flute, is navigated with much consideration and listening over a couple of weeks. I work on a few journeys at any one time, attending to each when called.

Honouring Our Sacred Trees

The more ornately decorated and detailed the presentation, the more time I’ll be honouring the evolutionary process. Some prefer to simply honour the tree while other may request Crystal inlays and ornate carving. All are beautiful and equal in my experience.

I tend to stick with sacred trees of our Isles including sacred Yew, Oak, Rowan, Holly, Silver Birch, Hazel, Cherry, Hawthorn, Ash and Beech (as well as driftwood for Ocean flutes and rattles of course)

Please feel free to request a call to discuss requirements and I can also send you all decor options to help navigate to process.

A Guide

Shamanic Rattles from £165 - £250

Forest Flutes from £225 - £350

Drone Flutes from £400

Branch Ocarinas from £150 - £250


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