Heart Warriors

We are so very proud and deeply honoured to bring you two beautifully aligned, ethical and sacred medicines.

Our Chuncho Cacao - Peru

With deep deep connection and resonance with the cacao, the land and the people nurturing the whole process in spirit from the roots to the medicine. 

Demetrio, his family and community work in beautiful harmony with the land. For generations the whole process has been done by hand and with their hand made tools. They honour the Apus, they honour the Peruvian native strain of Chuncho Cacao, keeping alive the true medicine of the plant growing in harmony. 

Their process is one of true honour, respect, love and prayer with the medicine and the Apus. 

Demetrio also protects and allows the anaconda to roam free on his land, believing as I do, that the spirit of the Anaconda helps protect his crops. 

The Indigenous Cacao of Peru


What qualifies cacao as ceremonial grade. We believe it starts with the integrity of the cacao being indigenous to the country it’s growing in. That integrity, love and conscious effort to process the medicine as little and respectful as possible, with prayer fully retains the integrity and honours the plants consciousness, land and it’s people. All the way from the land, the plants roots and through to serving so that it may shine in it’s raw authentic beautiful truth.

There are other strains now planted and growing in Peru, cultivated for mass production because of large seeds, higher yield potential, and resistance to bugs & bacteria.

Many challenges arise for farmers and the planet when man-made strains of cacao are planted and harvested in places that cacao is not naturally meant to grow. When non-native strains of cacao are grown in the same region as the native strains, the farmers are incentivized to focus on the non-native cacao harvest due to higher global demand and wage security, this resulting in the native strains now being considered endangered. Furthermore, the amount in which these man-made and/non native strains are being cultivated is having huge detriment on the soil which is one of the reasons Demetrio resisted investment and retaining the integrity of the medicine and his relationship with it.

‘Arriba Nacional del Fino Aroma’ - Ecuador

Celebrated for over 5,000 years, this heirloom cacao is a truly ancient variety of sacred plant medicine. Harvested with love by indigenous Quechua families in the Amazonian region of Tena, Ecuador. We are honoured to be included to bring this ceremonial cacao from the forest for the very first time.

Harvested from 50 year old trees, this medicine bears the gift of naturally occurring variance in texture, or ‘grumos,’ as the grains, ripples and nibbles that swirl through the block are lovingly referred to in the forest. 

Deep, dark, rich and grainy.

This takes raw and unprocessed to a whole new level in our experience can even handle being blended. In doing so you will release a creamy texture as the fat is released, either way, a truly authentic cacao.

Which One?

Working with these two sacred medicines

These two beautiful strains of cacao are very different. The Peruvian Chuncho we find to be incredibly versatile and so palatable we are addicted to eating it as in, seriously. With its light texture and high vibration you can instantly connect with its story, the love of Demetrio and his community in Peru, the land and the very roots of the plant just by placing a small amount on your tongue. It's also very easy and light to blend with any smoothie, and melts very easily to prepare for ceremonies too. It has therefore become my favoured cacao if I'm consuming small amounts daily, or if I want to bring forward light, yet intense high vibration for ceremonies.

So it is important to note that different cacao works in different areas, chamabers or with different vibrations within the heart which leads leads me onto our Ecuadorian option.

This is deep ceremonial cacao. Its incredibly earthy and grounding, it holds you. It therefore is great for journeying and inner work, allowing us open up, to move through healing and feel super nourished and lighter as we move through to that knowing cacao smile where you just want to give everyone a hug.

Both are powerful, both are beautiful, but very different from one another.

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