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Sacred Heart Opening

I have been working with cacao a number of years now, and in a number of ways. these days I take a much more inclusive and community approach.

Truly honouring cacao and our gathering in an equalitarian context as well as including what I might offer to that circle.

We are all truly amazing in many different ways and I love exploring that as part of a relatively small and intimate group, often around a fire when possible.

Workshops & Ceremonies

From flute playing and shamanic journeying work shops, to immersive breath work and cacao ceremonies and full day retreats

Ceremonies & Retreats

Heartfelt Offerings

I am truly blessed to have been invited to hold space in a variety of ways and locations. Ever evolving.


Full Circle

Back to the beginning with so much of my own healing coming from plant medicine, now as a practitioner or healer, I not only connect with my guides and ancestors, but many of the plants and magic that surround us on a daily basis.

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Ceremonies & Treatment Plans

I am rightfully in awe of beautiful Mother Earth, the beautiful unique gifts we all have, and our undeniable connection to everything on an energetic level.

Plants can teach & remind us of so much, help heal our pain and support our growth.

If youd like to know more about plant medicine and consciousness, get in touch.

Shamanic Healing with Robert

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