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Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Heart Opening

As well as the many health benefits including lowering blood pressure, inflamation and depression, this medicine from South America also offers healing and energetic shifts.

It's an honour when I connect and work with her, bringing into that space whatever I am guided to in order to assist.

This often means signing, chanting, guided meditation and flute, along with other music, drums or rattles.

I offer this locally and online and at times in group settings when elsewhere around the UK, reach out if you think it might be for you.

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I am always open to bring any of these offerings to new areas and a little local knowledge can go a long way in bringing that into fruition

Walking Your Own Shamanic Path

An immersive workshop & retreat

I replicate the connection workshop thats downloadable, in person. It's an amazing oppertunity to discover your own gifts, step into empowerment and start receioving your own healing, alignment and beautiful experiences with your own shamanic guides, power animal, mother earth.

I guide people into this experience, teaching the fundementals in journeying safely and protected. Its a jam packed one day retreat and usually i open with cacao ceremony or breathwork in the morning.

Full Circle

Back to the beginning with so much of my own healing coming from plant medicine, now as a practitioner or healer, I not only connect with my guides and ancestors, but many of the plants and magic that surround us on a daily basis.

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Ceremonies & Treatment Plans

I am rightfully in awe of beautiful Mother Earth, the beautiful unique gifts we all have, and our undeniable connection to everything on an energetic level.

Plants can teach & remind us of so much, help heal our pain and support our growth.

If youd like to know more about plant medicine and consciousness, get in touch.

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