Souljunkie Clothing Ethical Policy: Slow Fashion: We aim to make our garments to the highest quality so they can be worn for many years. In this small way we hope to minimise consumption of natural raw materials and the quantity of clothing consigned to landfill.

Souljunkie stands against fast fashion and embraces slow fashion that is sustainable and ethically sourced.

The future is Organic: We use organically produced fibres wherever possible and are actively working towards becoming a fully organic brand. Souljunkie prefers to utilise as many natural textiles as possible, for example cotton and hemp, however where we use synthetics, we ensure they are plant based or repurposed.

Vegan friendly dyes: None of the dyes used in our garments are tested upon animals. We use water based Neopigment Inks that are vegan friendly and absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkyphenol Ethoxylates (APE) this makes them non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our supplier uses a waterless printing system and embraces a range of energy saving processes. Plastic free packaging: We are delighted that all our packaging is fully plastic free, your garment will arrive wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a cardboard box, all packaging can be recycled easily.

Our staff and business policies: Our small but dedicated team is committed to minimising waste and leaving a positive impact on the planet both throughout our business practices and personal lives!

This extends in a range of ways, for example, careful use of paper to recycling. We continually assess and explore how we can be more environmentally friendly as a business and as global citizens.

The wellbeing of all our staff, our ambassadors, our customers and the environment are of utmost importance to us. Our Suppliers: We have handpicked a small range of amazing suppliers who align with our policies on sustainability and ethics. All of our suppliers have stringent ethical policies and comply with the International Labour Organisations Core Conventions and the Conventions on the Rights of the Child as a minimum to guarantee:

• Compliance with local labour law
• Statutory pay and working hours
• The right to organise and bargain collectively
• A ban on child labour • A ban on discrimination
• A ban on forced labour
• Health and safety in the workplace
• Compliance with local environmental legislation
• To minimise our impact on the planet.


In addition to these practices the majority of our suppliers have amazing innovative projects, initiatives and collaborations that work towards ensuring a positive impact on our precious planet Whenever we select a new supplier we aim to ensure that they meet both our ethical policies and share our approach to continually raising environmental standards.

We promise to consistently reassess and improve our environmental and ethical practices in line with the amazing progress being made across the sustainable clothing industry. Our suppliers have a range of ecological and ethical certifications including but not limited to: 

Associations and Collaborations: Souljunkie will not support any associations or individuals who are found to be in contravention of our principles. We highly value the long lasting and strong partnerships we have built through our supply chain and we are consistently working to achieve transparency throughout our supply chain and working practices.

To conclude!
We aim to provide consciously produced clothing that will do no damage to the world; rather we hope to leave a positive impact, spiritually, environmentally and ethically on our amazing planet.

We are proud to work with our partner charity Survival International to help promote the importance of global indigenous populations and to help preserve their priceless knowledge for future generations of leaders and change-makers to come.