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ARRIBA NACIONAL DEL FINO AROMA - Ecuadorean Ceremonial Cacao


I have been working with this beautiful medicine in ceremonies during 2021 & 2022. I'm delighted to now be offering it here too. It's an incredibly earthy ceremonial cacao indeed.

Celebrated for over 5,000 years, this heirloom cacao is a truly ancient variety of sacred plant medicine. Harvested with love by indigenous Quechua families in the Amazonian region of Tena, Ecuador. We are honoured to be included to bring this ceremonial cacao from the forest for the very first time.

Harvested from 50 year old trees, this medicine bears the gift of naturally occurring variance in texture, or ‘grumos,’ as the grains, ripples and nibbles that swirl through the block are lovingly referred to in the forest.

Deep, dark, rich and grainy.

Beautifully deep ceremonial cacao. Taking raw and unprocessed to a new level, you may even wish to blend to make it smooth, this will make it rich and release more flavour and depth.


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