An Opening Ceremony With Cacao

Before Capturing Your True Beauty, Essence & Soul

Opening With Sacred Cacao

Conscious Photography

Whether your photoshoot is a special treat, part of your healing journey or capturing your profile for social media or an emerging spiritual business and website. This is a unique opportunity to connect with a photographer in a more conscious way.

And the key word is connection, not only is it of utmost importance when capturing someone, to have a connection, a trust and understanding. During this experience we also connect with mother nature, the elements and of course the sacred medicine of Cacao.

Robert is a ceremonial space holder, fully trained and experienced shamanic healer

Before which he was a professional photographer for 20 years

Why The Cacao?

As we all know, consciously connecting with ceremonial cacao is a wonderful heart opening experience.

In opening the heart, we shed fear, we feel more at ease, in flow, less anxiety and more joy.

We give birth to creativity and we let go. Of this we all know about cacao.

They are all huge positives to take into a photoshoot where we wish create beautiful magic together. To step into your Goddess, your full expression, to reveal your soul and your heart, your essence.

In Good Hands

Prior to to my awakening, the unraveling and the expansion of my shamanic path, I was photographing weddings and events in all areas of the UK and into Europe, Italy, Cyprus, London, Cotswolds, Scotland, Ireland, Budapest. Renowned for a creative mix of photojournalism and creative signature images in which I would gently and more naturally coax more genuine so called 'posed' images.

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