Heart Warriors

Bespoke flute or rattle deposit


Please contact me prior to paying a deposit and ordering. 

This is to establish you’re happy with the current lead time (usually between 6 and 12 weeks) and so that we can begin the creative process with your inspirations in mind having discussed and confirmed your requirements and specifications that will lead to an accurate quote. 

(I might have one or two already made and it’s worth asking what I have in stock just in case I haven’t had a chance to update the website)

These beautiful bespoke Forest Flutes, Woodland Whistles, Branch Ocarina and Shamanic Rattles can range from £165 for something beautifully unique and simple.  They can also be ornately decorated. Much depends on size and complexity (crystals/inlays/pyrography imaging/carving) so here is an estimate of each product and of course I’ll send you a price structure to help navigate the process.

Shamanic Rattles from £165 - £255

Forest Flutes from £223 - £350

Drone flutes from £400

Branch Ocarinas from £165 - £250

Once we’ve established your requirements, we can process the deposit and deduct that from the final exchange once I have completed a beautiful journey of creation. I’ll then provide you with a video and still images of the final piece in action. 

The Ocean series made from driftwood is in the same price range and can be ordered via this same process, simply request driftwood for your flute/rattle etc.

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