Heart Warriors

The Journey Shoot


I can't wait to connect and journey with a like minded soul for our beautiful opening cacao ceremony. Once we have caught up, discussed the universe during our smudging and preparations for ceremony, we'll then set our intentions and drink sacred cacao as I guide us through a shortened cacao journey/blessing with flute, rattles and singing.

As our hearts open, we will get creative, expressive, and just have fun in a relaxed approach to capturing your beautiful energy, your soul, for a whole four hours. This gives us plenty of time to have more than one location in mind, and a few different outfits.

We will have an amazing time, its a true honour to embrace my passion of photography again, weaving it into what I do myself now as a ceremonial space holder, and shamanic healer.

I am embracing photography back into my life after a great career with it in earlier years but its on my terms and I spent many years under pressure at weddings and events where you have extremely limited time to produce the most beautiful work of your life for an entire day. I was very good at it but choose now connect on a much deeper level with people, to mutually enjoy the experience as conscious and evolving beings. Therefor the allotted time and schedule for this shoot is a guide and I will shoot until I know in my heart I have a great bank of images that you will be elated with as weather, light and circumstances can all come into play. As much as I know that in your heart you would be respectful and considerate of my time. 

There are many reasons to have a more conscious photoshoot. Some have connected as they feel its time to move on from old beliefs, embrace self love and their embodied feminine or masculine, their goddess or their warrior. Some have connected to capture their truth in relation to their own spiritual path and emerging business, as coaches or healers and spiritual creatives.

There's a complimentary 200g bag of our beautiful ceremonial cacao free with this photoshoot.

I will then spend some time professionally retouching your images edit and send you 50 for free.

Fuel is an additional consideration, calculated at cost for anything over a 20 mile radius from my current home. I am happy to work with anyone to place a shoot in the diary whilst I am perhaps nearer your local area holding ceremonies or appearing at festivals across the UK.


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