Heart Warriors

Mother Earth Photoshoot & Cacao


Cacao Blessing

Four hour photo-shoot in the morning 

50 retouched images

I love to connect with a like minded souls for a beautiful opening cacao ceremony prior to grabbing the cameras. It is the perfect way to catch up, to get to know you a little, discuss the universe no doubt, share in smudging and preparation for a more connected photo shoo.  We will set our intentions and drink sacred cacao, I will sing a blessing or play a little flute.

As our hearts open with cacao, we will get creative, expressive, and just have fun in a relaxed approach to capturing your beautiful energy, your soul, for an extended and full experience of over four hours. This gives us plenty of time to have more than one location in mind, and a few different outfits.

I will be beautiful and an honour to capture your essence in a more sacred way.

I am embracing photography back into my life after a great career with it in earlier years but but I now chose to connect on a much deeper level and only really offer it to like minded souls. To mutually enjoy the experience as conscious beings in a sacred and creative, heart felt way. The allotted time and schedule for this shoot is a guide, I will shoot until I know in my heart I have a great set of images that you will be elated with.

There are many reasons to have a more conscious photoshoot. Some may feel it's time to move on from old beliefs, embrace self love and their embodied feminine or masculine, their goddess or their warrior. Some may wish capture their spiritual path, existing or emerging business, as coaches, healers and spiritual creatives.

I will then spend some time professionally retouching your images, edit them and send you at least 50 to use on socials, website or to be frames and printed as you like.

Fuel is an additional consideration, calculated at cost for anything over a 20 mile radius from my current home. I am happy to work with anyone to place a shoot in the diary whilst I am perhaps nearer your local area, its worth enquiring as I am often around and about throughout the UK with my crafts or ceremonies. 

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