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Made to order - Bespoke handmade flutes



Flute estimated exchange

The total exchange of my flutes range from £225 - £275 as a start point, dependant on size/key of the flute. In my opinion there’s these flutes are beautiful as they are however some people opt for pyrography, or inlaying/engraving details as well as flute bags and feature blocks for the top. These are all additional considerations and typically £25 per placement/detail/bag so if we haven’t yet discussed this then just drop me a message and I can explain further. 

Once we know your requirements the full cost can be accurate and after a £50 deposit paid directly to me or via the option at the top of the home page of the website I can add your project to my workflow and its usually ready between 6 to 12 weeks 9sometimes quicker) depending on the amount of current orders.

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