Ceremonial Flute Lessons

Ceremonial flute guidance -

Over the past years, running alongside my own healing journey and subsequent shamanic training my flute has been a constant feature in my life. I’m not a musician, I cannot read music nor do I play in a band. I’m an intuitive and improvised ceremonial player, feeling with energy, playing with cadence and often being directed by spirit in my more trance like approach or style. My flute for ceremony, healing and journeying.

I have many hints, tips and tricks in addition to the basics that I can pass on. I also teach or guide people to connect with the spirit of their flute, building that relationship as I have with my own flutes, each has its unique voice and song to share. I am honoured to help advance anyone that resonates with what I’m saying here.

I teach online and in person. One off lessons or commitment to blocks of lessons.

This goes hand in hand with some foundational shamanic practice that can be discussed further if that also interests you.

 I’m super excited to share this passion with other players.