About Me

After a trip to Budapest in 2017 for my first Fearless Photographers convention. I went with over 10 successful years in business and more than 250 weddings under my belt. I came back with a re-ignited passion for authentic documentary photography and a determination to follow my own path and really connect with my skills as an artistic storyteller. A documentary approach has always been at the core of my photography but I’d let that become a little diluted by paying too much attention to what other photographers were doing.


Real, authentic, storytelling wedding photography. Genuine moments and real emotions. From the nervous anticipation of the preparations until the party is rocking the dance floor I’ll be there, quietly observing from a distance, or right in the thick of the action, making sure not a moment is missed, capturing the heart and soul of your wedding.

I’m Robert, the man with the camera who loves to tell stories. I’m based in the Cotswolds photographing weddings predominately here but I love to travel so I cover the whole of the UK as well as destination weddings.

I discovered a passion for photography many years ago when I went travelling. My camera allowed me to document the wonderful places I visited and the amazing people I met. It felt like an obvious choice to combine my love of photography and my love of people to become a wedding photographer.



My approach to documentary wedding photography

I approach every wedding I photograph with only one aim in mind. 

To tell the story of your day through authentic documentary photography. 

I’m looking for real moments, genuine emotions, nerves and laughter, tears and high spirits. I might be fading into the background during the preparations and the ceremony or in the thick of the action on the dance floor. What I won’t be doing is staging moments or directing action (other than some group shots you’d like). You may have a Pinterest worthy wedding and of course I document your lovely details but I won’t be shooting it with Pinterest or the latest trendy wedding blog in mind. I’m shooting to artistically tell your story, to preserve those moments and memories that would otherwise be lost in the excitement of the day, to allow you to re-live your wedding day through your images.

Your photography will usually start before the wedding day, I like to meet for a coffee a few weeks before your wedding. We might do a cool mini-shoot in a coffee bar or maybe you’ve opted for a pre-wedding shoot. 

On the wedding day I’ll be there from the preparations. I’ll be in the background, observing, not directing. And that’s pretty much how I’ll continue for the whole day, unobtrusively documenting your day. We’ll take some time out for your portraits and I’ll give you a little direction but I’ll be encouraging you to interact with each other not arranging you into awkward poses. 

And finally there’s the party, and that’s when all the fun starts! If you want the party documented too you’ll find me on the dance floor in the middle of action capturing the fun and frolics, the cool (and the not so cool) dance moves and all of the laughter.

Then three weeks later you’ll be able to experience your wedding day all over again when I send you a link to a beautiful online gallery.

Your day, all those precious little moments, and the big moments too, all preserved forever.