Hi and thanks for taking the time to look further into my web site. I am Rob, I am 5ft 8” with my shoes on and am a wedding photographer of ten years experience and although my wedding photography me takes through the whole of the UK and into Europe, most of my work is through the Cotswolds and in and around Cheshire.

So where did it all begin? I left the North East of England when I joined the Army aged 16. When I left I felt compelled to go travelling, two very different experiences. It was during travelling that I first discovered my passion for photography, meeting so many different and amazing people in very different circumstances and environments and capturing some of the most fantastic scenery. This ultimately set me on the path to where I am today, with the support of my amazing wife Jennifer who has been very supportive of my passion over the years, even posing during winter up a hill in wearing a dress, just so I could hone my skills, it was raining hard and blowing a gale if i remember correctly.

Although I have come to love and appreciate most genre’s in photography, perhaps its because I am a very sociable character that I naturally gravitated towards photographing people and in particular, to capture a story about them whether its a full body of work or a single image. When I am telling the story of a wedding I look to embrace natural behaviour and emotions at every opportunity as for me, to capture true emotions and moments in time is far more captivating and really takes you back to re-live the memories of the wedding day. Of course there is a lot more to successfully telling a story but my ‘motto’ if I have I have one, is that “I want to capture, not direct a wedding”, and so my style has become very unobtrusive, a fly on the wall if you like.

I also prefer to encourage natural emotions during the couple shots, so you will be much more engaged with one another than you are with my camera. This, in my experience is a much more authentic way to capture your relationship and it not only flows with the photojournalism of your wedding, but you will also feel much more comfortable during the capture of those fantastic images.

You can see evidence of this through my portfolio and perhaps more importantly, see a more comprehensive view of each wedding on my blog. If you have any questions at all I would delighted to hear from you, speak with you or meet you for a coffee. Here are my contact details.