Robert Leons Photographic training

Hi, I’m Rob, a wedding photojournalist of 12 years and over 400 weddings experience. Did I get to this point of covering the whole of the UK and being booked to shoot in Italy, earning between £1,600 for my starting package and upwards of £3,000 a wedding, without any training myself, no. Can I give you the necessary skill set to fast track you, absolutely yes!

Over the years I have attended may courses. Some really good ones, some not so good. They all have one common theme though, a class of between 8 or 20 people, all at different stages on the journey both with a camera and within the wedding industry. I can honestly say even the good courses, have to cater for for that breadth of experience. You can sit in one of the best courses out there and because the class caters for many, you can potentially gain just a few nuggets of valuable information whether you are the one sitting there and things are going over your head, or if your’e the other end of the spectrum and know what half the class might be learning or hearing for the first time.

I am not knocking these courses, I offer them myself on things like light, and posing, they have to be that way, to cater for all. But consider this ………

Imagine a full day fully focused on you, your own ‘lightbulb moments’ every 5 minutes. Is that not what you really need to advance?

This is why why I am passionate about delivering one to one alternatives and at a fair price, in fact about the same as some group training.

So how is it structured? – It breaks down into 3 parts and includes



  • A telephone call to discuss your position within the industry, skill level and to asses what elements to focus on with you or to place most emphasis on. This can be particular things you need to grasp, or the whole wedding day ….. Its all about tailoring it to your needs.
  • All day 1 to 1 session with myself during which we can cover the following (sleep well the night before)
  • The viewing of a whole wedding or your work so far – this helps me see where you need help most
  • The viewing of a full wedding of my own to visually install when and what I do on a ten hour shoot – during this I will be running through every single element of photographing a wedding, my approach and how I use my camera from prep to first dance.
  • The ART of good storytelling – tips tricks and more lightbulb moments
  • Light – This is the biggest down fall of most up and coming stars – how to use and how to add to ambient and natural light successfully – I usually take you outside at this point to shoot each other, so of course, have your camera ….
  • Posing couples as a reportage photographer
  • Group shots that sit well with your your creative storytelling
  • Details – They are important to tell the story – how and when to capture them
  • Hints and tips
  • Question time – Come armed and ready
  • A look in Lightroom, what I do and how to develop consistency as well as a speedy work flow
  • A look at your brand and how we can help you stand out without you spending a fortune and using your current website
  • The development of you as a unique and individual photographer – essential advice on what to avoid and what to embrace
  • Finally – 3 x phone or video calls, or meetings to mentor you and help put everything into to practice over your next wedding shoots

Price is £650 with no addition VAT